Wine Cork Crafts

Cork is a versatile, environmentally-friendly material. Many use cork when doing flooring, insulation or soundproofing projects. Cork is also very popular when it comes to bulletin boards. Another common use of cork is for bottle stoppers. These bottle stoppers have become popular for creating wine cork crafts. Here, we will explore the history of wine corks and some of the fun and decorative things that can be created from them.

Wine Cork Crafts: History of Wine Corks

It is believed that the history of wine corks began during the 17th century. Oil-soaked rags were placed in the necks of wine bottles prior to the creation of the cork stopper. Benedictine monk Dom Perignon is credited by most with creating the first cork stoppers during the 1600s. The first corkscrew patent was issued to Samuel Henshall of England in 1795. Americans didn’t patent a corkscrew until at least 1856.

Cork is perfect for bottling because of its elasticity. Cork is also non-flammable and lighter than water. Twist tops, screw caps and plastic stoppers have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years, but it’s believed that cork is still being used as stoppers in as much as 60% of wine bottles in the world today.

Wine Cork Crafts: Projects

Because of its aforementioned versatility, creating wine cork crafts has become a very popular pastime. There are dozens of projects – big and small – you can get involved in with corks. A wine cork wreath is among the most popular projects. These wreaths are perfect for a bar, wine cellar or wherever else wine enthusiasts like to gather. These wreaths are easy to create with products from your local craft store.

Some other wine cork crafts include:

• Bulletin/Chalk Boards
• Floormats
• Picture Frames
• Stamps
• Card/Place Holders
• Ornaments
• Beverage Coasters
• Vase/Base Filler
• Garden Markers
• Keychains

All of these projects can be completed by either purchasing the necessary materials at a craft store or by buying a pre-made kit. Even large quantities of recycled corks can be picked in stores or online.