Portugal Cork Production

As one of the major producers of cork for the entire world, Portugal’s cork trees make up for about half the world’s cork supply. Portugal is a prime breeding ground for cork trees due to its Mediterranean climate. Portugal’s frequent rain and humidity contribute to the success of cork production in Portugal. To learn more about Portugal cork production, continue reading below.

About Portugal Cork Production

One of the benefits of being the world’s foremost supplier of cork is the positive impact on the job force, in fact the cork industry is a large employer in Portugal- as it is in all of the seven countries that produce cork.  Furthermore, the Portugal cork production industry is an extremely lucrative business for the area, as they export nearly $1 billion per year in products.

An issue that’s been prevalent in the news surrounding the Portugal cork production industry is the increase in screw caps for wine. These have become increasingly more popular and is affecting the Portugal cork industry in more ways than one. This topic of interest has triggered a  movement to support the continued production of cork and choose cork over the alternative.

The most popular mission is called 100% Cork and it has been prominent in its efforts to gather signatures from consumers who refuse to purchase wines with artificial stoppers. Artificial stoppers use more emissions than natural cork which causes more issues with the environment. As mentioned previously, cork stoppers from cork trees are harvested in a sustainable matter. Obviously, natural cork stoppers should be the material of choice when bottling wine with sustainable thought in mind.

Overall, cork harvested from Portugal continues to be the most important export from the country and Portugal hopes to keep this true in the next coming years.