Cork Board Sheets

What are Cork Board Sheets?

using cork board sheets The creation of cork board sheets is an environmentally-friendly process. Once a living tree is about 25 years old, cork is extracted and stripped from its trunks. By only extracting cork from May through August, no damage will be done to the tree. This process will repeat itself every nine years of a tree’s life span, which is about 200 years.

About 300-thousand tons of cork is produced every year. Portugal is responsible for a whopping 61 percent of the earth’s cork. Spain and Italy also contribute to cork board sheet production. There are about 2.2-million hectares of cork forest on earth, which translates to nearly 5.5-million acres.

How Can I use Cork Board Sheets?

Cork Sheets can serve many useful purposes around the home or office. Cork board sheets are also often a cheaper alternative to other materials. Some ways you can use cork board sheets include:

  • Insulation – The initial reason cork board sheets were created. In 1892, cork sheets were invented for insulating cold storage areas. Cork sheets are still used today for the same purpose. By placing cork board sheets in a room or office, you can help keep the warm or cold air outside and keep the comfortable climate inside. Cork board sheets are also more cost effective than standard insulation material.
  • Soundproofing – Have a noisy teenager or a rock star in training? Cork board sheets are perfect for soundproofing any room, office or studio. Due to its cellular structure, cork sheets are naturally created to be a tremendous sound absorbing material. Cork sheets are often used to soundproof theaters and recording studios.
  • Bulletin/Decorative Boards – Bulletin boards are the most recognizable use of cork board sheets. Bulletin boards have provided people with important local information long before the internet age ever began. Bulletin boards created with cork sheets still hang in offices, clubs and classrooms today.
  • Flooring – Cork board sheets are excellent for flooring projects. Like with other projects we’ve covered, cork sheets are a cheaper alternative to commercial flooring materials. Cork board sheets are naturally fire resistant, perfect for thermal insulation and eco-friendly. If you have little ones, placing cork board sheets down near their area of play will provide them with a safe landing area and surface to play on.

Cork is also used as stoppers in wine bottles, musical instruments, shoes, baseballs and even heat shields for vessels that travel into outer space.