Decorative Cork Boards

Decorative cork boards are an incredible way to enhance your kitchen, living room, bedroom or even your kids room. These boards are made of cork board sheets and are very useful as an aesthetics friend, as you can post pictures, drawings from your kids, notes from your work, etc. Decorative cork boards are usually used by young people in their rooms to keep record of the concerts, trips and travels, friends, photos, notes, school stuff, etc. Posting pictures is really the best thing here, using cork pins to stick the best photos of friends and family.

Finding Decorative Cork Boards

There are many ways you can obtain a decorative cork board, but essentially you can buy one for an (expensive) quantity, or you can have fun with your friends, family, or even alone, building up one with cork board sheet material and things around you, as for instance some cloth to cover the frames and have a really nice decoration piece. And it not hard to do, you only need some staple gun (and a staple remover, as you will ruin it several times), a scissor, color markers, and other objects you want to glue to the cork board sheet (see the image above). Put the board sheet in a fabric tissue (wrapping it) for example, achieving a nice decorating board.

Mind that decorative cork boards do not harm nature, since harvesting cork oak tree is made without cutting any trees, so it is Eco-friendly. These decorative cork boards sheets can be made big and used in a room wall (like in your company’s wall) to let people post papers, reminders and useful notes on it.

If you just want to use an enclosed cork board to protect your posted items and documents, learn about that subject and more by clicking this link: Enclosed Cork Boards.

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