Cork Board Ideas

Cork board ideas are fairly easy to come by because it can be used to create so many things. Because of its inexpensive cost, usability and availability, cork is the choice of many for arts and crafts projects and bigger projects around the home. Here, you will find some great cork board ideas that will work for anyone’s budget and skill level.

Cork Board Ideas: Around the Home

Cork board can be used to complete a variety of projects around the home. Cork board is commonly used for flooring projects because it’s cheaper to use, easy to install, comfortable to walk on and provides great insulation. Speaking of insulation, cork board is also perfect insulation other places. Cork board was used for insulating cold storage areas as far back as 1892.

Cork board sheets are also ideal for soundproofing a room. Cork is often used as an alternative to fiberglass to reduce the amount of noise that travels between rooms within a building. Sheets or squares can be easily installed in rooms, studios or offices.

For those with small or younger children, cork board sheets can be used as safety cushioning in play areas. These spongy and soft tiles can be used as a safeguard against potential tumbles or falls. Cork is a great safety material!

Cork Board Ideas: Arts and Crafts

Cork board ideas abound when it comes to arts and crafts. Cork has long been used to make bulletin boards. Whether it’s for a child’s room or an office cubicle, or a full classroom or community center, any size of cork board sheet can be used to create bulletin board.

Cork board is also perfect for small projects, such as drink coasters, decorative ornaments, keychains, garden markers and placeholders. You can also create homemade stamps, picture frames or decorative wreaths using larger amounts of cork board.