Whiteboard as a Cork Board Alternative

When most are considering a cork board alternative, whiteboards come in to play. Whiteboards are generally used as a cork board alternative in the sense that the original purpose is for keeping notes or memos. Cork boards are often used as a place to tack notes orĀ mementosĀ for memory recall at a later date. As a cork board alternative, whiteboards can be used in the same way, but rather than using a tack to push through the cork, notes are attached via magnet or written via special marker.

Whiteboard as a Cork Board Alternative

Whiteboards are usually constructed in three different ways:

  • Melamine – Paper that has been drenched in resin and attached to a hard surface such as particle board.
  • Painted Steel – Is ideal for magnet use because of its metal base. This form is very smooth and tends to be susceptible to scratching if coated.
  • Ceramic on Steel – Is the most durable type of whiteboards because the ceramic fused to the steel is very scratch resistant and doesn’t absorb dry erase ink. Because this form also has a metal base, it is also magnetic.

An advantage of using a whiteboard as a cork board alternative is that they do not wear as easily as cork. Whiteboards also allow the user to write directly onto the material, where cork does not.

There are some drawbacks to using a whiteboard as a cork board alternative. Disadvantages of using a whiteboard as a cork board alternative include not being able to attach any type of object via pin and the scent of dry erase markers- which makes most people feel uneasy. The markers used for whiteboards cannot be recycled, making them not eco-friendly.

Before deciding to use whiteboard as a cork board alternative, carefully weight the pros and cons to make the choice that’s best for you!

Cork Board Sheets for Insulation

So you are considering using cork board sheets for insulation, but you aren’t sure if it is the best way to go. While cork board sheets are normally used for flooring, wine bottles and message boards, cork is less commonly known as an insulator. While it is one of the oldest materials for commercial use, it has become extremely scarce and costly, which is why it may not be the prominent material of choice for insulation today. Cork board sheets for insulation was the initial use for the material. Continue reading below to learn more about cork board sheets for insulation.

Using Cork Board Sheets for Insulation

So why would you want to choose cork over other materials for your next insulation project? Well, even though cork board sheets may be harder to obtain and more expensive to do so, their properties that allow for insulation are undeniable. Cork board sheets for insulation have over 100,000,000 air cells per cubic inch allowing the cork to act as a wonderful sound barrier for those looking to use cork as a sound insulator.

In addition to being a wonderful sound barrier, cork board sheets for insulation are often used as an underlayment for other types of flooring, such as hardwood and tile because it will keep cracks in the foundation from damaging the flooring above. Cork board sheets for insulation also acts as a fantastic fire prevention tool when placed beneath flooring and within walls due to its natural fire retardant nature.

Before you begin your next insulation project, keep cork board sheets for insulation in mind. It’s an Eco-friendly material that could be the perfect match for your home. For other uses for cork, please visit the rest of the site. Corkboardsheets.net is your home for all things cork on the web!

Enclosed Cork Boards

Looking for enclosed cork board sheets? Enclosed cork boards are essentially cork board sheets inside a protecting box, usually with a glass to allow seeing inside and have a look into the board contents. This type of board is commonly used when a person wants to leave the board outdoors, to protect the cork sheets notice board or the cork bulletin board from environmental damage, or even avoiding the unwanted change of the board contents. In schools, it is very often used to post about general information that students should know about.

Please continue reading below to learn more about enclosed cork boards.

About Enclosed Cork Boards

Enclosed cork boards can be constructed into an exterior wall with the help of some glue (preferably a strong one, or even nails). But this type of board is usually found in very visible places, and its contents are normally of public concern (or at least of the company’s employees concern). Enclosed cork boards are useful because of the protecting they confer the the posted items against environmental issues (wind, sun, pollution, etc.) and against anyone changing its contents. Normally, who uses this kind of cork board sheet is looking for some way to post notices publicly in a secure fashion.

Enclosed cork boards sheets are also associated with white boards as some times they are sold as one together, improving to a notice board where you can stick notes and warnings and also leave hand written messages.

You can purchase enclosed cork boards at nearly any local office supply store. You can also find a vast selection of enclosed bulletin boards online. The price will vary depending on the type of enclosed cork boards you’re after.

An enclosed cork board is a great way to pass along information, keep those in your community up to date, and advertise your business, company or upcoming event.

Cork Flooring

So you have a flooring project in front of you and you are wondering what the best material to use is. You’ve heard things about cork flooring, but you aren’t sure of the pros and cons associated with using cork. That’s why this article will focus on why cork flooring is the choice for both amateurs and flooring professionals alike. Continue reading below to learn about all the positive aspects and potential negative drawbacks associated with cork flooring.

Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

So what are all the pros and cons that come with cork flooring? Well, cork flooring is a wood-based flooring material, since it is made from cork board sheets. Flooring itself is produced from bark, and therefore it is environmentally friendly and provides a natural look and feel inside of your home or business. Cork flooring is also a very durable way of enhancing the beauty of any room in your home. Much like wine stoppers made of the same material, it recovers nicely after compressed.

Another useful advantage of having a cork sheet floor is its insulation properties, absorbing both the heat as the noise in the room. This type of floor can be used in any house room, even in the bathroom (since it is not affected by water), and it offers the comfort of observing your steps, making it comfortable to walk on. As the color of cork board sheets is usually brown, it combines very nicely it brown furniture.

It should be understood before venturing out to purchase cork that this material can be somewhat expensive. In fact, the price of cork tiles will rival that which you will pay for ceramic tiles. However, a cork floor outranks by far any other floor in a matter of aesthetics, no matter the price.